Sunday, 12. May 2019, 17:45 to 20:00 at St Paul's Church, Hill's Road, Cambridge.


Here is the program for the rehearsal.

We are playing the same pieces every week to get ready for the concert at the end of term. Music is printed centrally and handed out at rehearsals, but it is helpful if you can bring your own ringbinder and take it home with you between rehearsals. 

If you would like to print your own music, that is fine too. You can also click through on these links and download the midi file to load into the free MuseScore programme, so that you can then play the music while reading along in the sheet music. This also works in Sibelius. 

36. Me Hum Mato

102. Petyorshka

137. La Rejouissance 2019

154. Greek flute tune

85. Gold And Silver Waltz

148. Rondeau Des Sauvages

155. Erev Shel Shoshanim

156. Mainerio Renaissance Spanish Dance