Cocus Wood Flute to Sell


This McNeela coccus wood Irish flute was bought new from McNeela in July 2020 at £272. Having progressed  well, I have now treated myself to an African Blackwood flute.

It is in excellent condition, well-looked after, with a solid case. The cork has been recently replaced. 

Here is the McNeela description:

The NEW McNeela Cocuswood Irish Flute 

Cocuswood has always been considered one of the finest tonewoods and was used extensively for woodwind instruments in the 19th century.


The NEW McNeela Irish Cocuswood Flute is perfect for intermediate players and beginners who want just a little more from their starter flute.

This cocuswood flute is exceptionally smooth to play, with a full, bright and richly complex tone featuring an improved tonal quality and an even better low D.

"My Cocuswood Flute is probably the best premium beginner flute on the Irish flute market today, a really special flute to play" - Paraic McNeela

Please contact Janet Walker if you are interested. The flute is available for  £170