Covid protocols

Rehearsals began again on 5th September 2021...

To play safely, we MUST follow these protocols, so please make sure you're prepared!

You must print and bring your own music. You'll get an email to tell you which pieces we'll be playing at the next rehearsal (or click on the rehearsal in the CALENDAR), and which are new arrangements. You'll need to log in to the MRCO website, go to MUSIC, click on the piece and scroll down to find your part on the pdf.

Problems with logging in? Contact Thure:
Problems printing out music? Contact Melinda before Thursday:

Ensemble leaders will be in touch directly with their groups.

You must complete your COVID personal risk assessment form before you come. Check beforehand that your log-in details still work!

Go to and click on LOGIN at top right, and log in. Go to the CALENDAR page and confirm you are attending a rehearsal by using the dropdown next to the date. Then click on Rehearsal to get details for that date. Click on COVID personal risk assessment form in the grey box to do your assessment for that date.

Can't complete your form for any reason? Contact Thure ASAP: or if you don't hear back, contact Melinda: 07808 402608

3.30pm to 5pm Folk – Main hall
3.30pm to 5pm Michael/Teresa’s group – Lower hall

5pm to 7pm Orchestra – Main hall

7pm to 8pm String Group – Main hall
7pm to 8.30pm Wind Quintet – Lower hall

Bring along your own sanitising spray or wipes for your personal use. Don't forget your MUSIC and a MUSIC STAND.

Entrance is via FRONT FOYER ENTRANCE only. Please wash your hands on arrival, then check in at the front desk, then make your way to rehearsal rooms.

Please review and strictly follow our community hygiene essentials and observe social distancing. Orchestra and ensemble seating must be socially distanced.

Clean your chair after use and store it away, and wipe one final time the surfaces you have touched when storing (chair trolley or chair cupboard)

For wind and brass instruments, please sanitise any surface which the condensation from your instrument may have touched.

Please observe social distanced queuing whilst waiting for an engaged toilet, avoiding blocking entrances and exits. Please sanitise after use. There are three toilet facilities:

Upper Hall: top of the stairwell toilet
Main Hall: disabled toilets in foyer
Lower Hall: disabled toilet by the side entrance

Thank you!