Our Groups

In addition to the orchestra, many members of MRCO play in a range of smaller ensembles which first formed during the Covid pandemic when the full orchestra couldn't meet. Some ensembles meet before or after the Sunday orchestra rehearsal; some meet in other places at other times. Some have strict numbers, some (such as the Folk group) are open to all.

To join or to find out more about any group, contact the group's leader (you can click on a name to send an e-mail). Our 5 ensembles are:

Each of the orchestra's 12 sections has a leader and in most cases a deputy. If you can't print your own music out, or you have any other problems or questions about MRCO, please send them a message.

We also have working groups to run the orchestra, welcome new members, organise concerts and so on – you'll find these on the People page in the About section.