Weekly Newsletter 11th July 2019

Thank you so much for all of your good work at the concert, and to all
those who attended the AGM.

Here is some news for the week:

- Thure has completed all of the accounts now and we were able to give
£1753.64 to the ITAC charity to help homeless people. The orchestra
also made a small profit of £66.08 from the rehearsal dinner for the
players. At the end of this term we are now healthily solvent, with a
bank balance of £324.32.

- We learned at the AGM that St Paul's Church will not be available for rehearsals from January to March, so the committee will be thinking about an alternative location in the coming months. 

Auction of Promises


These are the promises being offered in the auction of promises to raise money for ‘It takes a City’ Charity Concert at St.Paul’s Church at 7.30pm on Saturday 6th July by Mawson Road Concert Orchestra.

Making Music: From ideas to prints to performance


Musical arrangements are written for our orchestra by our conductor, Michael Copley. To print the music, volunteers from the orchestra run a complete in-house desktop publishing and printing system. Once the music is written with the software Sibelius,  scripts, written in Sibelius' own programming language ManuScript, are used to batch-process the files. The files are printed and uploaded to the orchestra website.

Harmonie Municipale de Cluny meets MRCO


On 7th July, 2018, the Harmonie Municipale de Cluny visited to give with us a joint performance, an eclectic mix of folk/orchestral music to enliven the soul.