Posts from year 2021

Cocus wood flute to sell


This McNeela coccus wood Irish flute was bought new from McNeela in July 2020, purchase price £272. Having progressed  well, I have now treated myself to an African Blackwood flute. It is in excellent condition, well-looked after, with a solid case.  The cork has been recently replaced.

Do you have space for kettle drums?

We've found a really cheap set of timpani (kettle drums) and a volunteer to collect them from Doncaster – but there's nowhere to store them! Do you have, or know of, a suitable space near our rehearsal venues, or might you have space in your own house and a car to bring them to rehearsals (not every one)? If so, please talk to Beck at today's rehearsal! There are two drums, each around 76cm (30") high and round.