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Making Music: From ideas to prints to performance


Musical arrangements are written for our orchestra by our conductor, Michael Copley. To print the music, volunteers from the orchestra run a complete in-house desktop publishing and printing system. Once the music is written with the software Sibelius,  scripts, written in Sibelius' own programming language ManuScript, are used to batch-process the files. The files are printed and uploaded to the orchestra website.

Auction of Promises


These are the promises being offered in the auction of promises to raise money for ‘It takes a City’ Charity Concert at St.Paul’s Church at 7.30pm on Saturday 6th July by Mawson Road Concert Orchestra.

MRCO successful in raising funds for charities


Our Easter concert this year was in support of the Street Child Cricket World Cup 2019 in Cambridge and London. You can now listen to a documentary on Radio 4, India’s Street Cricketers: Crossing Boundaries, about how street children from Kolkata got to play cricket at Lords in London.

Weekly Newsletter 29th September 2019

Thank you to all the helpers

How to mark in the calendar whether you are coming to a given rehearsal or concert


If you would like to mark whether you are coming to a given concert or rehearsal then it is very easy to do.

Newsletter 13th October

Here is the news for the week:

1) The music for this week can found at the link below. There is one more piece to bring from our last-term files. I will print one copy of each part so the newcomers can have one.

Newsletter 5th October

1) Music for this week:

The music this week includes one piece (17. Jocuri din Moldova) that we were playing last term, so if you have the old prints, it would be great if you could bring them along. I have printed a single set of parts in case new people need prints.  

2) We need large files to store the master music, those with two holes (not four).  If anyone has any spare/unused at home would they kindly bring on Sunday  

3) From Melinda:

French horns are fundamentally important in a large proportion of orchestral repertoire since the late 17th century. Without a supply of sufficiently high quality players, performances of this repertoire will become scarce.

Weʼre raising £2,000 to fund a bursary for young horn players - directly helping provide instruments to the next generation where funds are short.

Please donate via JUST GIVING - please share with others!:


Interested in attending?  Email:

Newsletter 3rd November

Lost and found (from Janet Walker):
1.  Last week some orchestra members took home some of the salad from the party in a couple of the church containers.  I wonder if they could bring the containers back next Sunday?
2.  A blue helmet was left on the floor in the Lower Lounge - does it being to anybody? It was left on the piano for collection.  

Newsletter 10th November

Dear Players,

Here is the music for this week:
There are no new pieces to print.

Kind regards,
The MRCO Committee

Newsletter 8th December

This is just a place to keep notes on the evolving plan for this evening:

Newsletter 8th December

Open rehearsal for family and friends - Sunday 8th December