Sunday, 6. Oct 2019, 17:45 to 20:00 at St Paul's Church, Hill's Road, Cambridge, CB2 1JP.

Here are the pieces that we will be playing on Sunday.

We will bring prints of the music, but you are welcome to print your own if you would like to.

Please remember to bring your music stand.

We look forward to seeing you. :-)


161. Lesi

15. Canto Karabali

53. Mack The Knife

160. Talianska

29. Mazurka

159. Roka Tanc

10. Uskudar

56. The Third Man theme

76. Colonel Bogey's March

2. Carnaval A Capri

33. Pizzica di San Vito

17. Jocuri din Moldova                                                                                    <------ This is from before the summer holiday

Error: Piece with 'Alternative' not found.
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                         <-------  This is new for this week.